Vietnamese-born, American-based electronic music composer and performer Xo Xinh embarked on his journey into the realm of music at the age of four and spent two decades after that immersed in the world of the classical violin. With an open mind, fierce curiosity, and a passion for sound, he has spent another decade delving into the captivating allure of experimental and electroacoustic music, exploring sonic spectrums ranging from ethereal silence to the cacophony of brutal noises. His current music encapsulates his undying love for classical music and his unbridled passion for experimental sound. Amidst this sonic journey, one can feel the subtle pulse of Vietnam's traditional musical essence. Xo Xinh's music takes listeners on a mesmerizing aural landscape with haunting melodies and hypnotic polyrhythmic arpeggios, guiding them to a place where imagination and hallucination conflate.

Xo Xinh's compositions have been selected to be performed throughout the U.S., and in Europe, Australia, and South America including Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Electronic Music Midwest Festival, PNEM Sound Art Festival, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, International Electroacoustic Music Festival of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, Monsoon Music Festival, Sheffield DocFest.

Xo Xinh received an MFA in Electronic Music & Recording Media from Mills College, California, where he studied electroacoustic composition and computer music with Chris Brown, John Bischoff and Roscoe Mitchell. He was the Program Chair of Interactive Audio, Sound Arts, and Audio Technology at SAE Institute in Bay Area, California before joining the University of Silicon Valley as the Director of Academic Administration, Audio and Music Technology, and Computer Science Department.